Uses Of Vitamin E Oil

Pete Onuoha9/ 4/17

Vitamin E can be found naturally in many foods, including cereals, meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables, and more. It has been a part of our diet since our Paleo days, and is a strong anti-oxidant that is crucial for the proper functioning of many organs in our bodies.


Vitamin E For Health


Vitamin E works to boost the immune system, and slows down the process of damaged cells, helping your body to remove free radicals. This makes it a great healer, reducing the risk of cancer, and has been used as a medicine for many kinds of genetic disorders and diseases, including diabetes, Alzheimer's, respiratory problems, epilepsy, and many more. Vitamin E also works to thin the blood, and is used to fight many heart and circulation problems.


The applications of Vitamin E are extensive, and the effects amount to an anti-aging process encouraged by the vitamin. It is no doubt then, given its range of health applications, that Vitamin E has become widely available as a food supplement, though the effectiveness (and potential side effects) of ingesting the supplement are questionable, and perhaps better left for people who have a particular deficiency.


Vitamin E For Youthful Skin And Hair


Instead, Vitamin E oil can be safely used topically, for healthy skin and hair. In this way there are less risks and side effects, though given the potency of the oil it is best used sparingly, or combined with another treatment. The same anti-oxidant and anti-aging affects that make Vitamin E great for health, also give it many uses for the skin and hair.


Applied to skin, Vitamin E oil works on a cellular level, fights off free radicals, and boosts collagen production, resulting in a reduction in wrinkles, and young, healthy looking skin. Application encourages new cell growth, and speeds up cell regeneration, also making it extremely effective when applied to particularly damaged skin, such as scar tissue, stretch marks, and burns. As a general treatment for the skin, Vitamin E oil is best used at night, due to its intensive nature.


Vitamin E oil also has potent moisturizing effects, and can be used to treat dry skin, eczema and psoriasis, dry scalp and dandruff, and chapped lips.


The anti-aging and cell regrowth that Vitamin E encourages, also make it perfect as an oil that can be applied to the hair. The results are a better quality and texture, new hair growth for maximum volume, a reduction of split ends, and even a slowing down of grey hairs. It encourages the production of sebum, which has a deep conditioning effect. Used straight, or with a shampoo and conditioner product, Vitamin E oil will give you beautiful hair.


Vitamin E is not to be ignored. You should try to make sure you have enough of it in your diet, so that you can feel the amazing health benefits of the wonder vitamin. We recommend that you take the supplements internally on Doctor's orders only, but for anyone seeking beautifully healthy and youthful skin and hair, Vitamin E oil is perfect for you.


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