Uses Of Jamaican Dark Castor Oil

Uses Of Jamaican Dark Castor Oil

Pete Onuoha8/25/17

Jamaican dark castor oil is a wonder product for hair treatments, and hair growth. Castor oil has a rich history spanning back thousands of years, and the seeds have been found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 4000BC, where the slow burning oil was mostly used for lamps. In ancient times, and in areas of the world spanning from Greece to India, its recorded uses include body ointments, skin problems, aches and pains, as a laxative, purgative, for deworming, and for hair growth.


Of these uses, castor oil is largely used for hair treatment, and Jamaican dark castor oil is the most useful formula. The clear castor oil comes from cold pressing castor beans, whereas the dark castor oil utilizes a traditional process in which the castor beans are first roasted, and then boiled, before finally being pressed into an oil. The ash from the roasting process enhances the oils function for hair treatment and growth.


Skin Cleansing


With anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, it goes without saying that Jamaican dark castor oil is great for skin conditions, but what really makes it special, is the rich nutrients and fatty acids that it adds. The oil is full of Omega Fatty Acids that clear out pores, and then tighten them up. The vitamin E gradually works on the skin to clear anything from a minor blemish, to scar tissue. Jamaican castor oil helps your skin to keep naturally balanced levels of oil, so that you are neither dry nor too oily following application. You can also treat acne with regular external use.


Hair Treatment


As mentioned, Jamaican castor oil really excels when it comes to hair treatment, and especially hair growth. The nutrient rich oil encourages regrowth of hair, and so is an essential for any beauty kit. The effects are miraculous, and hair growth can occur very rapidly when it is applied to the root and scalp. Dry and damaged hair will also be moisturized, dry scalp and dandruff greatly reduced, and split ends taken care of. Jamaican castor oil really is a wonder treatment for anyone who is serious about the health of their hair.


You can also use Jamaican dark castor oil to grow longer and stronger eyelashes, and you can apply it to thicken your eyebrows too, in the case of over-plucking for example.




Jamaican dark castor oil, while providing amazing benefits for the skin, is primarily used for stunning, naturally healthy hair. There is a reason for its growing popularity, and its emergence among many cultures an countries. It works.






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