The Uses Of Shea Butter

Pete Onuoha9/ 7/17

Shea butter has been used for many centuries, and is derived from the Shea Nut Tree, which grows naturally in Western Africa. The fruit from this tree contains the Shea nut, which can be prepared into the incredibly useful Shea butter. The uses of Shea butter can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, and it has long been used by people in Africa to protect their skin from the harsh climate that they live in. It is now used worldwide, and has many benefits for the skin and hair.


Shea butter is edible, and is sometimes used in confectionary and cooking, though it is more widely known for its health applications, of which there are many.


Shea Butter And Climate


Historically, protection of the hair and skin against tough climate was the main use of Shea Butter. It contains cinnamic acid, which works as a mild sunscreen, providing natural protection that is roughly equivalent to a factor 6 cream. It can be used to protect against any kind of harsh weather conditions, including heat, wind, and cold weather, UV protection, and a modern day bonus; for protection against pollution. Shea butter also works effectively as after-sun, providing relief from itching and irritation.


Skin Protection


Although those who live in particularly rough climates may benefit the most from Shea butter, it can also provide a general level of skin protection and enhancement, by stimulating the production of collagen, a protein that encourages youthful skin. This gives it an anti-wrinkle and anti-aging property. Shea butter is also naturally moisturizing, and can therefore work to relieve irritated skin, psoriasis, burns and cracks. Anti-inflammatory properties also decrease inflammation. Shea butter does all of this, while ensuring that your skin keeps all of its natural oils, which a lot of skin treatments tend to take away.


Shiny, Healthy Hair


Shea butter works well to protect the hair against weather conditions, and against weather damage. If you have dry or brittle hair, a lathering of Shea butter will gently restore the moisture, and help to seal it in. This makes for shiny, healthy hair, and again you will not lose your hair's natural oils. Shea also works on the scalp, to prevent dryness, itchiness, and dandruff. It will help to keep curls, curly, and decrease the dreaded frizz! All in all, Shea butter is something of a one-stop wonder formula for your hair and scalp.




Shea butter has been used for the same purposes since the Ancient Egyptian times. This alone says something. The major benefits for skin and hair cannot be understated, and for people who live in any sort of harsh climate Shea butter is an essential natural protector against the weather.





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