Is Your Toothpaste Putting Your Health at Risk?

Pete Onuoha12/15/17

Highpoints of Expose

 The average American brush their teeth at least once or twice a day, even though you do not swallow the toothpaste when brushing your teeth, Chemicals and Toxins in your toothpaste make their way to your bloodstream through the membrane lining of the mouth which has an absorption efficiency of more than 90%, according to the Physician’s Desk Reference Handbook.1

I know by now you are saying to yourself that oral products such as toothpaste and mouthwash you and your loved one’s use on a daily basis and backed by the American Dental Association (ADA) should be safe, right? Actually, dental hygiene products that you and your family use every day may contain potentially harmful ingredients that have been linked to allergies, mouth mucosa irritation, reproductive system toxicity, endocrine disruption, and cancer, as well as a number of other health problems.2

With this knowledge, a reasonable person will think that oral products used by more than 90% of United States households including infants and toddlers (which translates to more than 291 million US citizens) will be properly regulated by the America Food and Drug Administration (FDA) right? The truth is, contrary to popular belief the seventy-one billion ($71 billion) Cosmetics industry is allowed to write its own rules, which has allowed many hazardous and toxic ingredients to be introduced into the toothpaste you and your family use on a daily basis according to a recent report by Cornucopia Institute, an organic industry watchdog.

This harmful and potentially toxic and/or carcinogenic ingredients commonly found in toothpaste include but not limited to the followings: fluoride, triclosan, parabens, microbeads, carrageenan, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, carrageenan, diethanolamine and propylene glycol. (Check the ingredients in the toothpaste you use on a daily basis)

Most national brands also include these harmful, toxic, questionable and potentially hazardous ingredients in their toothpaste such as artificial colors, artificial flavors and sweeteners, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) derived ingredients. These harmful, toxic, questionable and potentially hazardous ingredients are best avoided for long-term overall health.


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